Thomas Buß

13 Jul 2023

Of Oracles and Djinns

How can you keep your domain logic database-agnostic and still leverage the benefits of DBMS?
08 Jan 2023

How to do the package structure in a Ports and Adapters architecture

Where do you put the pieces of code when you are implementing the Ports and Adapter architecture (or hexagonal architecture)
05 Dec 2021

Are functional domain models always anemic?

Since data does not contain any logic in functional programming, does this mean that we cannot encode logic in it?
07 Nov 2021

Zettelkasten Reboot

After one year of using the Zettelkasten method, here are some of the adjustments I took since my last blog post
07 Apr 2021

Rust Slice Types (and Strings), explained

Trying to clear some confusion concerning the different types of slices in Rust, which also includes the types String and str
28 Feb 2021

Using Capslock + hjkl as arrow keys on Linux

Going beyond the sane amount of keyboard setup to use the arrow keys without actually using the arrow keys
05 Jan 2021

Connected notes with Zettelkasten

The Zettelkasten method is a more natural approach to note-taking with interconnected notes. Here's how it works with an emphasis on developers.
13 Sep 2020

My Keyboard-Driven Dev Setup

Recently, a colleague of mine watched over my shoulder while I was using some of my keyboard-oriented tools (most notably, Vim keybinding). Here are a few parts of my setup you might find interesting.
29 Jul 2020

Micronaut Revisited

Last year, I published an article in the Java Magazine and on JAX about Micronaut. About time to revisit the framework over a year later.
01 Jul 2020

Hello World

I start this blog with a few words on what I would like to do and how I first got into programming as a teenager.